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Anyone who'll listen,

I have just joined the forums and I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've failed my financial statements exam for the second time and I'm really frustrated with it. I got the following feedback from the last assessment:

1.1 - Did not meet
1.2 - Met
1.3 - Exceeded (Written)
1.4 - Did not meet
1.5 - Borderline
2.1 - Met
2.2 - Did not meet (Written)
2.3 - Exceeded (Written)

I thought I'd passed the exam after taking it and now this has really put me back again. I was tempted to dispute the mark but after speaking with an AAT adviser she told me the only parts re-marked are the written questions which I actually scored very well on. Has anyone got any good tips on the multiple choice 1.4 question? I thought this was an easy question sitting the exam but evidently not judging by the mark I received. As I've finished my classes I'm not technically a student anymore I can't really go into the college apart from paying and doing the resit.

This is my last exam before I have qualified and failing again has frustrated me, hence me joining the forum to express my annoyance! I've got my resit in a month and as I have come to begin revising again I've noticed a new layout of the exam, has it changed to just one section of 8 questions? As opposed to the two sections.

Also, I wanted to ask if anyone else had continued onto the CIMA/Degree course with the Robert Grant University and if this is worth pursuing as gaining a degree and working through CIMA is something that really interests me. If anyone has done/is doing the course how's it going and is it working out well?

Long message I know but thanks for your help


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    Hi Cahill1988,
    Sorry to hear your having such a tough time with Financial Statements. I think its really down to practice to be honest....do as much sample papers as you can. You exceeded in the written questions suggesting that you have been studying enough but perhaps not practicising enough. Practice and learning go together.....the more practice the better. I am not aware of a change in the exam...you might be looking at AQ2013. I'm not sure if thats different or not.

    Can't advise you on CIMA or Robert Grant University...perhaps someone else can do that.

    Good luck in a months time...study hard and don't let the 2 prior fails effect you on the day!!
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    Hi Cahill

    Again, sorry to hear about your troubles with FNST. I've not completed this so can't help you with that but I can help with the RGU side of things.

    I looked into this a while back and asked for help on here from people - if I could find the link I would post it but I can't. I also want to study for a degree along with studying for CIMA once I complete my AAT but after a lot of research, I found it takes so much longer to do CIMA this way as opposed to studying it directly. RGU only offer up to the Management level along with their degree programme so you would then have to separately do the Strategic level, then both T4 parts with another provider. I didn't think this was worth it.

    As I work full-time the head of RGUs department advised on studying part-time and to do this, it would take me 4 years to only get to Management level. When, in theory, I could do this in 3 studying CIMA directly.

    RGU do also offer a Masters in Strategic Accounting which consists of CIMA Strategic level along with a dissertation (there may be more to it that this but this is what I remember from the top of my head) and this again takes another 2 years.

    After all my research, I actually found that Im more interested in ACCA and now plan to do that. They also offer a BSc with Oxford Brookes University.

    It all depends on if you really want the degree or not. Id suggest, emailing the head of the department. She was very helpful when I did.


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    Thanks for your help guys, appreciate it!
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    Hi Cahill,

    We seem to be in the same boat, I have financial statements left to do, not booked in an exam date but have failed it twice I think now. Just started a new job and they will fund me through CIMA once I have completed AAT.

    This is by far the hardest exam for me, and I also have finished my college course so I'm pretty much on my own in terms of studying.

    Let me know how you get on with studying :)

    Best of luck
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