Very Rude and Incorrect Letter from AAT

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Has anyone else received a really rude and totally incorrect letter from AAT regarding CPD records. It is entitled Urgent Action Required: CPD Records must be submitted to AAT to avoid Further Action. It goes on to say AAT have written to me twice before about this and that if the records are not received by a certain date, then action will be taken. It threatens that I could lose my licence etc etc. Absolute rubbish! My AAT records are up-to-date and online on the AAT website. I have not received any other correspondence from them. I have tried ringing them, but the CPD manager is "on the phone"! I have been a member for over 15 years. This is wrong and I am angry. AAT: this is really bad: Sort yourselves out! END OF RANT :mad2:


  • KaelaH
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    I got this letter also, freaked me out initially especially as I hadn't had the previous letters it said I had. However, I later received an email apologising for sending the letter out in error and telling me to ignore it.
    It's not good
  • T.C.
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    Not, not good at all. I got them on the phone and demanded a written apology. I think to said such a "scary" letter out and then to just brush it under the carpet with an email is a poor attempt at a true apology. What are AAT playing at?
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