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Has anyone thought about what they plan to do after they complete AAT?

I think I want to do ACA, either that or ACCA but definitely not CIMA. How hard is it to get an ACA training agreement (not necessarily with the big 4, just a small / medium sized practice)?

My understanding is that ACA offers better career / salary prospects than ACCA - is this right?



  • CeeJaySix
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    Traditionally ACA was the better qualification; however the modern qualifications are the equivalent of each other. Among the more senior element of the industry there may still be some favour for ACA over ACCA, but I think it will only reduce as time goes by. As far as my firm is concerned, it's a personal decision; normally AAT trainees are advised to go for ACCA because the format and wording of the exams follows on more closely, whereas ACA exams tend to be more similar to university exams (and therefore graduate trainees are advised to go for ACA) - but they don't mind if you opt for the opposite. This is just hearsay from my colleagues, as I haven't started either yet.

    Personally I'm going for ACA, partly because I work for a Chartered firm, partly because the other AAT trainees are doing ACCA and I like to buck the trend, and partly because if there is still a leaning towards ACA among some partners, then why fight it? My cousin and a family friend both work for KPMG, and both advised that if you do want to end up in the big 4 (or top-20), ACA still holds a little more sway than ACCA. Ultimately, it's probably whatever fits your career/life best - obviously to study ACA you have to have a training contract with a registered training firm, ACCA you can study the exams regardless (although still need the work experience to qualify) - that's the deciding factor for many people.
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