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Just wanted to ask someone about the spreadsheets module. Im studying from home with just text books and wanted to know for my PEAF exam is it just a computer based exam like the other modules. Or do I have to submit coursework? Not sure what I have to do as I dont go to a college or have a tutor.

Any help would be great


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    It depends whether you're on the AQ2010 qual or the AQ2013 qual. If it's 2010 then PEAF is an exam, if it's 2013 then PETH is an assessment where you'll need to get a centre to mark it. You also asked about spreadsheets, on either qual you'll need to get this marked by a centre, some of them will charge you a marking fee but at others they might want you to buy the whole unit.
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    • Hi Coojee,

      Can you help me in these question PEAF level 3.

      1. AAT member in business follow guideline of aat ?
      2.In AAT firm few employees are not aat qualified they follow aat guidelines ?
      3.AAT member selfemployed can follow aat guidelines?

      Please help in that.


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