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Criminal record

superchrisdubsuperchrisdub Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 1

I was wondering if I can still register and become a member if I have a criminal record? The details are:
1989 - Caution for drunk and disorderly
2000 - Caution for shoplifting

Any advice would be appreciated.



  • MWAUGH1983MWAUGH1983 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 420
    Hey Chris, Did you appear in court or were charged for these offences? My understanding is that these wouldnt come under a record as you werent convicted. Also registering I believe doesnt asl for this information, if its for student member, if to become a fully MAAT then it would ask but dont think it would be an issue. Martin
  • flyhighflyhigh Just Joined Registered Posts: 18
    I have logged into the AAT Forum. Even on a re-started web browsers (Chrome & Internet Explorer) when I click into any message, I just get the reply box. Just wondering if anyone else is getting this?
  • ClaireS17ClaireS17 New Member Registered Posts: 16
    Hi you can still apply and become a member with a criminal conviction but it depends on the conviction obviously you can't become a member if you were convicted for fraud or anything in a similar vein however driving offences etc are, as far as I am aware, ok and you will still get membership. You have to provide a certificate from the court you were convicted and some further information which is a bit of hassle but you should have this information to hand already as you will have had to do the same when applying for student membership.
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