Can't get the sample assessments to load. Exam tomorrow - HELP PLEASE!!

mrderek88 Registered Posts: 44 💫 🐯 💫
Hi there

Im trying to get some last minute past papers done but can't get them to load properly.

I just got a new laptop and this is the first time I've had to try some with it as I've been using my work one (which I can't take home anymore!) The sample assessment log in details appear and I can click through them, but once the paper appears, I only get the usual assessments conditions and rules etc... the "start assessment" button is usually at the bottom as most of you will know but it isn't!!!

Can anyone suggest what it might be? As I said, I have my Financial Performance exam tomorrow and not having much luck!!




  • angmc
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    Have you tried pressing the F11 key?
  • mrderek88
    mrderek88 Registered Posts: 44 💫 🐯 💫
    Thanks Angmac - that worked. What does F11 do? Absolute genius!! :)
  • mrderek88
    mrderek88 Registered Posts: 44 💫 🐯 💫
    Shame I only noticed your reply two days after the exam! I'll know for next time though :)
  • StuartW
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    Just in case F11 doesn't work for anyone reading this thread, we've created a guide of other things to try: Finding the Start button on AAT sample assessments.
  • ShortASSET
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    What is happening to me , when I`m doing the sample assessment is ridiculous. After filling all questions and revising my understanding and trust in AAT as a technician. Its loses connection and the counter stops and the page wont load any further. This is unbelievable when happening. Today it had happened at least 5 times and still cant finish my revision. Luckily my exam Is on the 10th of next month so I have printed all my books again and (green lights - unable to pass even I have passed all my Tutor assessments. Best help is the map , what question will cover what area. Sometimes even I understand English very well and I know I am not dumb to cope with many things , but those questions are comes from whom? Seriously , they have no past to relate to or future to build on to. Ha , so what is reason for them?
  • kelsmick
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    I am having serious trouble with the sample assessments as well. They will not load on my computer and i have done the troubleshoot, F11 etc but they still will not fit my screen! Can something not be done to amend the assessments so it eliminates any issues.

    Quite upsetting to not be able to use them as they seem to be quite helpful for revision from what i've heard!
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