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I completed the Intermediate Level in 2008 and then left the industry. Thinking off returning but totally at a loss cause of the changes. Can I just start the next level? Advice/opinions appreciated.




  • sharoneyre
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    I did level 2 in 2003 then went back a couple of years ago to complete levels 3 & 4
  • Kelly7
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    When you say intermediate which level is that? I wouldn't see why you couldn't start back at any level but I would say if you are looking to go back to start level 3 as long as you can remember your basics of debits and credits you should be fine but if you have done level 3 and are looking to go back to start level 4 you should spend a bit more time going over your level 3 work before starting, things like you IS, SFP and disposals from AP2 (financial statements builds on this) and your costing (budgeting and financial performance builds on this). I have only done / started these units so far but my other 2 are cash management which I did do at level 3 so I guess that will be built on and I can't see that anything I have done before will help me with my personal tax.
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    Hi I think your best option would be to contact AAT student services directly on 0845 863 0801 or send them an email; and ask them to check the records they hold, on you for any gap filling requirements you would need to complete in order to move on now to level 4 and finish off your AAT studies.

    Level 4 can be very demanding and if you have not been dealing in this area for several years you would need to consider what actions would be needed to help get you back up to speed for this level..

    If you are planning to restart your studies at a college I am sure they would be able to provide further guidance on all of this with you and would be open to you sitting in some level 3 classes to help get you on your way. .

    Kind regards


  • saintconor
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    Thank you folks for your replies. As I'm getting back to you almost 2 years later you can probably guess that I didn't come back to AAT at the time.

    However, now, I'm 100% coming back! :) I have spoken to the advisors and I'm able to go straight on to level 4. Trouble is I've not done any accountancy since summer 2009!

    This might sound bad for someone who has completed Level 2 & 3 but I'm giving serious thought to doing Level 1 Bookkeeping. Bad idea?

    No one seems to offer this course so I would have to do it myself but I cant't seem to find any texts?

    Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated.

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