Thoughts on the new AQ2013 exams

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Hi all,

Currently in the midst of Level Three. I completed Spreadsheets about a month ago and successfully passed Accounts Preparation yesterday. As I am a self-studier I have the freedom to choose the order to sit my next few exams and was wondering what the general feeling is towards the different modules for people who have already sat the new AQ2013 exams. Which ones have you found to be most difficult? Which ones would you say are easiest?

For what it's worth, I found that AP tended to follow on from what I developed in Level 2, with the Extended Trial Balance & the concept of Accruals/Prepayments being the stand-out 'new' things to learn. Luckily, I found the exam itself to be fairly straightforward (but that's only because the right questions came up I suppose!)


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    Im currently studying Level 3 on AQ2013 also! I firstly sat Accounts Preparation first and that was pretty easy enough! Ive recently moved into management accounts and have been doing with TB and Accruals and Prepayments for a while so i found that easy enough!

    Just sat the spreadsheet exam Monday and felt all went well but who knows until i get the mark back.

    Next up is Financial Statements for Sole Traders and Partnerships at start of Jan! Going to start taking notes Professional Ethics next week so that can also be done and dusted then just Cost and Revenues and Indirect tax left after that! Hoping to be done for April time!
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    Hi to you both,

    Currently studying Level 3, started in October, due to sit AP in Jan, which was the earliest date I could get. How did you find AP guys?

    I'm thinking of doing the smaller ones first, Indirect Tax & Spreadsheets, and then PETH, FSTP & CSTR. Looked through my study plan and seen the hours recommended were smaller for Indirect Tax/Spreadsheets/Professional Ethics, thought get these out the way first.

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    One thing I would say Andy is that the first question may seem like it is trying to trip you up with what parts of a new purchase to capitalise, so make sure you have that section/chapter nailed on! Other than that you should be fine as long as you follow the textbook (I studied with Osborne for this one) & the usual online help (e-learning, green lights etc).
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    Thanks for the guidance there Liam, appreciate that. Also using the Osborne books, they are very good! - green light tests are great too.

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  • Ani
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    How long time do you guys needed to prepare the spreadsheet module?

    I'm studying level 3 on my own and also working full time, so I was wondering if I could prepare this module in a month, is that possible?

    Thanks :)
  • CeeJaySix
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    Ani, if you're familiar with Excel, you could sit down and do the Spreadsheets module with no preparation. If you're a complete novice, it could take longer than a month depending on how quickly you pick up new applications. Once you're comfortable with conditional formatting, basic formulae (sum, min, max, average), basic text and sheet formatting, simple charts and the world's simplest pivot table, you'll be absolutely fine. The syllabus also includes VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP which are slightly trickier - I've not heard of them being in an exam yet, but I'm sure someone must have had them!
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