Taxcalc - Accounts, what a find!

I've been using Taxcalc for tax returns in it's current hub form and was nothing but impressed. I like VT but the lack of a database and central integration is the only negative having come from an Iris background. For the record VT is a fantastic product.


I've just trialed Taxcalc accounts and have to say that they are really wowing me now! I'm scratching around to think of what Iris (which is fantastic but the most expensive around) does that I won't get from using Taxcalc accounts and tax singing together on the same hymn sheet.

I have just renewed VT but have the feeling that Taxcalc is the new champion and will offer what Iris does without sucking us all dry.

PS - PTP accounts is now identical to Iris accounts but the tax side of things is not that great having trialed them plus Taxcalc as a package is half the cost.




  • Natsmomma
    Natsmomma Registered Posts: 39 ? ? ?
    Thank you for this valuable insight. I am thinking that I need to look at investing in some new software and your post has been very helpful.
  • stevo5678
    stevo5678 Registered Posts: 325
    No problem, I've even decided to buy it despite only just renewing VT. Iris is known to be the best and the most expensive and in my opinion Taxcalc is far cheaper alternative which one day will cost a lot more.
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