Which distant learner to use? Please Help!

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I am working for my family business and have decided to do the AAT levels 2-4 as we are going through a quiet period and so I can use the time wisely. I will be able to use most of my working week to complete the course. As the company is funding the course I am not as worried about the financial side but am wanting to know from anybody with experience which is the best home learning provider to use? I have been speaking to the home learning college who have been brilliant in providing me with the information I need but as I mentioned am really wanting somebody who has experienced doing the course. Thank you!


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    Have a read on this forum for stories about HLC. Whether anything has changed recently (as they'd have us believe) I don't know. They do seem to be about twice the price of other distance learning providers so worth shopping around.
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    Hi Sophie,

    Something you may have not considered is to self study the course without using any distance learning providers. This is the route I'm taking and it has given me a lot more freedom with my exams and choice of module order. This is of course all down to how confident you feel with the material, but from my personal experience I would definitely recommend it (especially with level two). Although you have said it is not an issue as work are funding your studies, this route also means that your only expenses are the books & exam booking fee (the latter of which is around £50 each, or a bit more when you need to book an external assessor to mark certain exams).

    The forums are very friendly and helpful on here if you do get stuck on a particular section, so it may feel like you have the support of a distance learner provider without paying for it!

    If you want to ask any questions about this route, feel free to ask :)
  • SophieB
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    Thank you both! Liam89 I must admit I have not even considered this option! I will be in touch in the new year! Hope that is okay
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