Anyone doing any revision now until January?

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I think I should take a break but at the same time feel guilty for not doing any! Does anyone do anything or take a break for a week or two?


  • wabisabi
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    Hi Topcat

    I had a complete break for 2 weeks after sitting API and SPSW in fairly quick succession. It would have made sense to use the time to crack on with APII but I felt I needed a break from it, and I'd achieved my target of passing three L3 exams before Christmas. I'm not sure if guilt is ever a good reason for doing anything. Look at what you need to do for your next exam and plan when you are going to do it - if you can afford some time off and feel you need a break, just do it. That's my advice :)

  • SamiH
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    Whilst studying AAT, I have always allowed myself to enjoy christmas and new year. Plenty of time afterwards to crack on with studying, and you are entitled to have some fun time :)
  • topcat
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    I think your both right time to take it easy for few weeks and come back in 2014 fresh! Have a good Christmas and new years! See you in 2014 :-)
  • SamiH
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    Enjoy your break.

    Have a lovely christmas, and a fab new year :)
  • amurray
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    Small bit of revision for AP exam in Jan, but certainly celebrating Xmas!

    Hope you all have a good one.
    Completed AAT in March 2020
  • Kelly7
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    Unfortunately I will still be at it most of the days over Xmas. I have my financial statements exam in January, financial performance in February and my teacher wants our first draft of our report done by the end of Feb too. Hopefully though I'll feel better come March knowing I have another 2 out of the way - not sure I'll get the first draft of my report done by then too lol.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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