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Hi Everyone,

I am to sit my 4th attempt at Financial Performance on 29th of Jan.

I've really struggled with passing this exam and it's the only one i have left. I even passed statements first time!!

My feedback shows I am exceeding on the first part of the exam but its the writing part on the second half. The last two times i have felt confident and that I had passed, so i don't feel as though i am too far off.

Does anyone have any tips they could offer?

Really hoping that it will be 4th times the charm!



  • coojee
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    Have you submitted any work to your training provider so that they can give you hints and advice as to how to improve your written work?
  • Claireshep2793
    Claireshep2793 Registered Posts: 9 Regular contributor ⭐
    I haven't but thats a good idea. I left my college in June when I was "done" but my old tutor has agreed to a one to one session. But I think i'll do that and ask him to review it. I understand what is being asked of me but I just can't seem to get the right answer down or if it is right i'm not putting enough. I exceeded the written part on the first part.
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