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Can someone give some tips on how to prepare a good CV for someone who has no accounting work experience, but who has finished the AAT qualification.


  • Nps
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    I was in this exact situation. I focused on the transferrable skills I had obtained from my previous employment, and highlighted anything which was vaguely money related even if very basic. I was very surprised at how office experience seemed to count for far more than my accountancy qualifications. I was half way through ACCA yet recruiters seemed more interested in the fact that I had done temp office work whilst at uni 15 years earlier!! Never really understood why!
  • James Patterson
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    Hi TyJac,

    You can use a lot of good websites for tips on writing CV's.

    My personal advice: 2 pages max, put yourself in your employers shoes. What do they want to see? What things could you offer over and above?

    Keep things concise and to the point, do a brief description of yourself personally, mannerisms, maybe a few interests. Employers want to know some basics about who they are employing exactly.

    For past experience/qualifications, title, one line description, possibly a few tasks/jobs you did for it. (These questions will be asked if you get to an interview so you can always elaborate then).
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