RTI Generic Notification Notices from HMRC

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I am currently working for an employer as a payroll manager and I am receiving numerous generic late filing notices which appears to me to be issued in error. For example I received one today which has a payroll payslip date of 2/1/04, payment date of 2/1/04, filing date of 2/1/04, receipt from HMRC has a date on GNN 2/1/04, confirmation date from 2/1/04. So everything appears to be filed on or before date as per legislation. Has anybody else received notices they do not consider to be due as I need to know whether it is worth taking up with AAT/ATT as the penalties come April could be considerable. (For example I look after 140 payroll clients if I got a £100 penalty for each client that would be £14k)

Many Thanks
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