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Hi i am trying to calculate payback but cant seem to get the same answer that is in the book. The capital expenditure is £125 year 1 revenue £85, year 2 £110, year 3 £130... the answer in the book is 2 years 7 months but i cannot get that :)


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    To start the project you have a cumulative net cash flow of -£125, when the first year is over you'll have received £85 and the cumulative net cash flow will be -£40, when the second year is over you'll have received another £110 giving a cumulative net cash flow of £70. Effectively the payback period is at some point in year 2. The point is found by taking the £40 still not yet paid back and divide by the total yearly cash flow in the 2nd year of £110 = 0.3636 years then multiply by 12 months to get the answer of 1 year and 4 months.

    The answer is not 2 years 7 months.

    Occassionally some students add up all the inflows and divide their answer by the initial investment. I guess your answer has been done that way.
    It takes less than 2 years afterall £85 +£110 > £125.

    You are right to challenge the answer in your book.

    Have a look at chapter 11 of
    This chapter addresses investment appraisal
    And feel free to criticise me if I've made any mistakes
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