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Ehsan Masood
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Hi guys, I have my financial performance exam coming up and I been revising on the att website and also have a revision guide. I know the exam has 3 written questions and in my previous exam my written section wasn't too good. I was wondering if you guys know what kind of questions come up on the written section or is there any site that can help me to revise the written section? Thanks you.


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    Hi there,

    I'm about to sit my 4th go at this at the end of the month. The first parts written section has usually asked me why the variances are what they are. For example why would Material Price Variance be adverse based from the info given.

    The second part only had one written part and you are usually given 2 scenarios and have to comment on why the gross profit is different to the gross profit margin in relation to sales, materials, labour and fixed costs.

    I have been using the osborne and BPP revision guides and also the practice exams from the AAT site.

    Best of luck!

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  • Malcolm Green
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    Hi Ehsan,

    We covered Financial Performance at our revision workshop in December.

    You can dowmload a copy of the notes from the session on our Birmingham branch website:

    I trust this information will be of assistance.

    All the best for your exam.

    Kind regarfs


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