Starting to offer my services.

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Hello Guys Looking for some assistance and advice.

I am AAT qualified but my membership has lapsed but in the middle of applying to be MIP. I am PQ mid stage ACCA and currently work as a Management Accountant.

I am going to be setting up my own practice for freelance friends and associates but i am going to be working through my macbook pro...could anyone recommend any software for the mac? is cloud accounting a good option? or can i get away with just using spreadsheets? I am finding it hard to decide at the minute.

Also does the MIP offer mentoring? I wont be offering all services only services i am competent in but i still may need advice and guidance from time to time so this would be good to know.

Any tips advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also average prices of services? should i undercut the market slightly to start as they are friends?


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