Level 3 onto Level 4

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Hi everyone,

I am currently doing the last two subjects of Level 3 and I would like to know if I could start Level 4. I remember reading some info about it some time ago but I haven't been able to find the source of it this time.

Cheers, Nancy


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    I used to book my exams as an external candidate and I was never asked to prove I'd passed level 3 when booking level 4 exams. I have no doubt that I could have physically sat level 4 exams without having done all the level 3 exams. Whether or not AAT would accept any level 4 passes, who knows, but I can't see them taking a pass off you if you've passed the exam fair and square even if it's in a different order to the normal order. Give them a ring to ask.
  • NpsNps Experienced Mentor Posts: 782Registered
    Though if you're talking about just starting to study them whilst finishing off level 3 then that is certainly OK.
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    Thanks for the advice and yes I want to start level 4 whilst finishing off level 3, just to get things moving as for the new year. Might sit some exams if it is allowed, I'll contact AAT first, though.:001_smile:
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