Stating new bookkeeping and tax return buisness

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I have letters of engagement and indemnity insurance anything else which I need


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    Your licence, ML supervision, agent codes from HMRC...
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    This is a copy of a list of 'to do's' and 'done' that I saved from another post... Think this covers it all! Good luck x

    Completed AAT MIP Application form
    Found a local MIP to be my mentor and continuality cover
    Applied for PII through Trafalgar
    Informed HMRC that I will be self-employed
    Informed HMRC that I will be an agent
    Written to HMRC to ask for an Agent reference for Corporation Tax and Self Assessment Tax
    Registered with the ICO for Data Protection
    Ordered business cards, leaflets and letterhead
    Set up a website and email address
    Decided on software (VT Final accounts and MoneySoft) which I will purchase when I actually have a client
    Emptied Spare room ready for a desk

    Do you have a phone number for the business?
    Have you decided on tax software?
    Have you got the money laundering piece in place?
    Do you have agents codes for PAYE incase you need to speak to them?
    Have you got all the bits to support your MIP license ie software.
    Have you thought about how to organise your clients data?

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