budgeting exam and written questions

Lindux Registered Posts: 29 Epic contributor 🐘
Hello everyone. Plz someone give me some tips how to tackle written tasks the best way in budgeting exam (2013)...maybe there is someone who has just sat this exam and could share info about what their written tasks was about to be able to go through it again before my exam nxt wk! Some of the answers for these questions in our book are like WTF, I would never come up with an answer like that lol Gets me down a little bit...


  • Clarekaye
    Clarekaye Registered Posts: 307
    Hi, I took Budgeting for 2010 in Dec and I dont think you have to answer word for word like they give you I think so long as you pick up on the main points and put it in a way thats readable I think you still get points?
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