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I have a new client who created his Limited Company himself. All my other clients were already established when I took them over, so the first year dates are really confusing me!

Incorporated 12/08/2013.

On the Companies House website, it says his accounting reference date is 31/08. It says next accounts due 12/05/2015.

Then I have a letter from Corporation tax,
Accounting period End date 01/04/2014
Pay corp tax by 02/01/2015
Deliver company tax return by 01/04/2015.

So I understand that corp tax cannot be for longer than a year, but I thought that the date for the corp tax would be 12/08/2014, and I'd have to do another return for the 19 or so days up to 31/08/2014?

Can I just change the CT date and what should I change it to?

Thank you.

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