Full Member - but unable to carry out bookkeeping services !!

Hi Folks

I became a full member of the AAT recently. I would now like to provide bookkeeping services to local businesses. However, the AAT body insists that because I am now a full member, I now have to apply for their member in practuice scheme. In order for me to do that, they say that because I have not got the minimum 12 months work epxerience in book keeping, I need a mentor who can check my bookkeeping work and sign me off in order to get my MIP license. They said I cannot practice as a bookkeeper otherwise, and if I do, then I will have to resign my full membership status !! Has anybody else come across that problem before? This all seems strange to me and now I am regretting becoming a full member and it would have been better for me just to begin my bookkeeping business without bothering to apply for MAAT status !!

I know of numerous instances where a husband has becomer a sole trader (i.e. window cleaner/plumber), and his partner does the books for him. Surely, these partners have not all got book keeping qualifications!!

Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • coojee
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    No they haven't got book keeping qualifications. There's nothing to stop anyone setting up as a book keeper, it's not protected in the same way as lawyer, doctor etc. The only restrictions are for those of us who are qualified and then we have to jump through hoops. Seems crazy I know.
  • stuartander
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    This is interesting... as im starting to set my self up as a bookkeeper. and was intending on applying for full membership at the end of the month.. but was going to register with HMRC for MLR until I have the correct experience to gain MIP status (obviously without referencing to the AAT... May consider ICB again.. but more costs...
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