Market Research on behalf of HMRC

CaroleCarole Feels At HomePosts: 55Registered
I have been approached by a company called Quadrangle Operation who want me to partake in a telephone survey. They say they are working on behalf of HMRC.
They seem interested in me as I provide Accounts/Tax assistance to a small number of close family and friends for no payment.
I am not an MIP.
I just help my family complete their tax returns and I help one close friend with their very simple sole trader accounts and tax return. I am registered as their agent with HMRC so this is most likely how I came to be selected.
Does anyone have experience with this?


  • Gem7321Gem7321 Experienced Mentor DevonPosts: 1,438MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    It could be something to do with the Agent Strategy. Did they mention this?
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