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Professional Ethics CBP AQ2013

RuthyrooRuthyroo Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 4
Hi all I'll be sitting the professional ethics exam next under AQ2013, so the computer based project one. Has anyone sat this version, if so what were your thoughts on this? How did you prepare? I'm really not looking forward to it being all writing!


  • RobClarkeRobClarke Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 820
    I sat this in December, wont lie to you, found it tough going, but just passed it by a narrow margin!

    Take your time, read the questions very carefully and then when you type an answer explain your thought process as you go.

    Hope you have a good result.
  • scottwhittoscottwhitto New Member Registered Posts: 13
    Im currently revising for it now, and jeeze its hard work! Theres that much information. I just don't know what to revise and how to do so!

    Ive found all the other units easy so far as once you grasp the concept of how they are done and worked out, you can apply it to any scenario.

    Theory was never my strong point at school!
  • RobClarkeRobClarke Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 820
    Best advice I had when revising for this exam was to download and print out the AAT code of ethics ( https://www.aat.org.uk/sites/default/files/assets/AAT_Code_of_Professional_Ethics.pdf)

    You still need to go through the tutorial books but the pdf file was very useful also.

    Good luck!
  • BasiaBasia Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Hi guys, I will have this exam in mid March. My question is: the mock scenario on AAT website plus 3 more in Osborn Books - are they anything like real exam or they put in it some tricks etc.
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