Computer Software for Clients Details and Document Storage

Marky Astra
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Hi all,

Ive been looking on the web for a cloud based application that will fulfil my needs.

I have two main priorities that i need to address, client details with customizable fields so that i can add any details on them i want and then also a document storage system so i can file documents against a client.

So far i have been using a CRM application for the clients which is good but isn't exactly what i want as i cannot really filter by clients or filter by year end dates for example.

and for the document storage i have been using Google Drive and adding folders under a clients name.

Ideally looking for both of these combined so i can have all documents in one place all stored under the clients contact/personal details.

Other preferences:

+ Cloud based
+ Nice User interface
+ Don't mind paying but preferably quite cheap-ish per user

Would love to hear what anyone could suggest or applications you currently use which you find useful :)



  • Gem7321
    Gem7321 Registered Posts: 1,438 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    I am very old-fashioned and keep a spreadsheet with client details and links to their document folders which are stored on a hard-drive :001_smile:
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