VT Send Mail - STMP Authentication Error?

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I have not long started using VT Send mail to email statements and invoices to clients, I found it really helpful.

This morning I have received a 530 STMP Authentication Error for the first time and the emails cannot be sent. On investigating, it appears that VT are saying you need to change something in your server email settings to allow the emails to go through, and BT (our internet provider) are saying your third party software needs to be able to do the STMP Authentication bit itself, if it cannot do this, you cannot use it.

Has anyone had a similar error and know how to fix it?



  • Laura8192
    Laura8192 Registered Posts: 95 ? ? ?
    Just spent a whole evening going through countless forums trying to figure this out and it was the most simple answer ever.

    To cut a long story short, you have to use your email address that matches your internet provider, which I was doing. I do not use that email address for anything else, or check the inbox ever. I send all my email through my gmail account. Anyway, BT obviously thought I was a spammer and had done a force password change, which I hadn't realised as I never log in to that email.

    Logged in to try and change the settings that I thought I had to, changed my password as I was forced to, updated the new password in VT mail, and hey presto, it works!

    So glad, was seriously losing my mind! But that is possibly 3 hours of my life that I will never get back......
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