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Hi all!

Not sure if this is in the right place so feel free to move me if Im wrong :)

I've almost finished level 4 and I'm interested in continuing on to ACCA, however in the mean time I'd like to start bookkeeping as a way of bringing in a bit of extra cash. The problem is I currently work in a finance department for a national store so I'm only used to dealing with Sales Ledger/Purchase Ledger/Treasury and I'm not sure where to start in order to get to grips with bookkeeping. I'll obviously need to get some experience in this area but have no idea how to go about this.

Any suggestions/info would be greatly received as, in the future, being self-employed would be something I'd be interested in.


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    Have you considered the MIP scheme? Perhaps you can ask your question under that forum group. I cannot recommend the scheme but they are people on here who are Members in Practice who would be best placed to advise you. There is also a mentoring scheme attached to it but the costs of subscription etc may be prohibitive especially when you are just starting out with self-employment.
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    If you've completed level 2 in AAT that is actually a certificate in book keeping, AAT would, however, expect this to be substantiated with work experience before they will accept you for MAAT and then MIP status. In the mean time you would be an affiliated member and would need a mentor who knows your work and can sign it off as necessary. All this information is available on the AAT site. Have a good look as it is a bit confusing, I've looked a few times and got this far... If you just want some basic bookkeeping experience then, as long as you keep AAT's name out of the equation, I believe you can post a card to a newsagents window offering services? I know a few people who have gained experience this way, and don't forget that at level 4 you are over qualified so it shouldn't be a problem to pick up! Good luck xx
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