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I'm due to start my AAT Level 4 in March and still need to decide which optional units to take. I work in in-house finance at the moment, doing Purchase Ledger, but who knows what I'll be doing career-wise in the future. I'm leaning towards Personal Tax and Credit and Debt Management at the moment but would value your opinions on what you chose and why, what you enjoyed and didn't.

Thanks :)


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    I didn't have any choice in the options I took, but I did take both the one's you are considering. I really enjoyed Personal Tax (lots of calculations which I love) and credit management was very much based on what I used to do at work so I was fortunate to have some prior knowledge before starting it.

    Go with what interests you :)
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    Agreed, it makes as little as no odds unless it's relevant to you in the short term, so do what you're interested in. The two tax modules sit well together as there's a fair degree of overlap. Audit is very dry. Can't comment on credit management as I haven't studied it. If you're planning on further studies, it's worth looking at what exemptions are available - I'm moving on to ACA so took an extra AAT module for an extra exemption. I don't know about other professional bodies, but certainly the ACA exemptions are specific to which modules you choose.
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    Would also choose what you think you would be most interested in. I am personally doing both taxes purely because i want to know ways to pay less of the horrid stuff
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