Best Learning Material/textbooks for AAT Level 2?

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I have just signed up for AAT and am choosing the self study route therefore I need to find out which textbooks would be best to go for.. BPP? Kaplan? Any others? I have tried researching however do not seem to find much info about it. Could anyone help?:) Any advice is most welcome.

Thank you!


  • gemma83
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    I am currently studying AAT level 4. For all levels I have used the Osbourne books, i find the layout of the text in the tutorial books easy to follow. Their workbooks are also very good and do seem to follow the same layout as AAT assessments. Where I study for level 4 they have introduced the BBP Question bank for each module, they are laid out a little differently than the Osbourne books but do offer more difficult questions and practice assessments which I have found are useful in the lead up to an exam.
    Good luck in your studies!
  • Indy
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    Hi Gemma,

    Thank you very much for your response, I have decided to opt for the Osborne material, too. Sounds good to me plus it is also the most affordable option at the moment.

    Wish you well with your Level 4!
  • amurray
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    Hi Indy,

    I'd also recommend Osborne books, the Tutorial books are good and the Workbooks are great, lots of exercise and sample assessments too.

    Don't forget the AAT Revision materials, sample assessments online, greenlight tests!

    Good Luck :)
    Completed AAT in March 2020
  • welshwizard
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    I completed my AAT years ago using BPP but I've since taught many of the units using Kaplan and Osborne - for me Osborne has the best books. Wording is clear and errors are very few and far between. I also like their workbooks as they give good practice on each chapter's content.
  • topcat
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    +1 on welshwizzard Osborne are the best
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