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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of getting some training in payroll as I don't have any experience yet and would like to add it to my licence. Can anyone recommend a good company to use? There don't seem to be any places local to me to train 'face to face' so am looking at e-learning. Also I'm quite surprised that AAT don't offer a course anymore?



  • Carole
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    Maybe try CIPP

  • ClaireS17
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    That's great, thank you Carole
  • CeeJaySix
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    Whereabouts are you? My firm has a payroll department which offers training to clients who want to keep their own payroll. They may be able to offer you something. Located in Poole.
  • ClaireS17
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    Hi CeeJay I'm based in East Sussex but thanks anyway.
  • Nps
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    I looked at CIPP but it was very expensive. I then looked at the IAB and ICB payroll qualifications which were more reasonably priced (though with CIPP you can go onto Masters degree level and they cover all levels of payroll). I then found a list on a forum somewhere that detailed all the HMRC booklets you can download which will enable you to pass the IAB and ICB payroll exams so that's what I'm currently doing. The booklets are very comprehensive and easy to follow so if you're looking for a cheap way to gain a qualification then this might work for you. I can hunt out the list if you want (the print outs filled 2 lever arch folders!). I cant vouch for the fact yet that they are adequate to pass the exams but from looking at the syllabus, it certainly looks like they'll be adequate.
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    I also did the Sage payroll exams which are fine for the computerised side of things but I wanted to learn how to do payroll manually so I knew what Sage was actually doing (it was this qualification that actually got me my current job). I seem to remember it cost about £100 for home study which included their certification.
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    Hi I used Premier Training distance learning when AAT did the separate payroll qualification. They were very good. Good luck x
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    Sage Instant Payroll done through Home Learning College, very good.
  • ClaireS17
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    Fantastic, Thank you all for your help :) I'll definitely look into getting hold of all the HMRC info and wading through it as I want to know the mechanics behind it all more than anything.....also I've just received the AAT monthly email and they're offering some modules on payroll as well!
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