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Hi i have a client who despite numerous reminders has given me their paperwork for self assessment late!. This is all i do for them. I start on the accounts year ended 30th April 2012 and find that they have taken more than £79000. I ask them if they have therefore registered for VAT and the answer was no!!! :( i am now going back to find out when they went through the threshold on a rolling 12 months. I know they are going to have to tell HMRC and i have advised them to start adding the equivalent of VAT onto their products as they will have to account for it. I have told them they cannot refer to the price increase as VAT until they get their certificate. Is there anything else i need to advise or be aware of here. :confused1:


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    I have a similar issue but luckily without the VAT problem... However I've heard that HMRC was going to do an extension on SA deadline 31st Jan 2014. Have you or anyone else heard anything about that? And has it happened? Sorry can't answer your other question :-(
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    I had heard that they had done an extension until the end of Feb if you had requested your activation code and you therefore could not file it because of them taking their time to get the code to you, You wouldn't get fined as long as you had paid all tax due by the 31st Jan! My VAT issue is now causing me a problem with SA> becuase the SA figures will change because of the VAT issue. However, if i leave the SA until the VAT issue has been sorted out, my client will have accumulated a lot of SA penalties to top it all off! Has anyone ever ticked the estimated figure box on the SA tax return and if so does this stop the penalties? Also has it triggered an investigation? Many thanks
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