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cAN anyone help me with revaluation reserve?
im doing a CT for 2 periods
share capital £1
profit £3649
shareholder funds £3650
members equity £6692 (director brought a couple of assets into the company)
share capital £1
profit -£1882
shareholder funds £4811

can someone help me how to put this on CT under revaluation reserved? i dont think i have surplus here or do i have? i confused so much now.
what shall i put for as revaluation reserve for the beginning of 2013?
and for the end of the year?
it does not work if i put £6692 for surplus


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    I may well be misunderstanding the point here, but wouldn't your start position for 2013 be £7299 (3649+3650) for shareholders funds and then end position at the end of 2013 £5417 (7299-1882). The £6692 as a result of the director bringing in a couple of assets into the company, would this not go in as a directors loan ( which when i rung HMRC as i said the online system would not allow me to put it in the bottom half of the balance sheet, they said to put it as other debtors and detail it in the account notes of what it was and what it was for). Hope that helps
  • LynWest
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    Sorry forgot to say doesn't the revaluation reserve relate to when an asset already owned by the company need revaluing as the asset is estimated to be worth more in the future that what has been recorded as its historical cost in the balance sheet? If these are new assets bought by the director i think they should go in DLA
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