Really struggling Personal Tax

I thought I struggled on Budgeting & Financial Performance but my god I am struggling more on Personal Tax!!

Does anyone have any easy to remember tips, for any of it. I get in a muddle with pensions/gift aid/personal allowances. And with fines & with Chattels. Really not doing to well on it.

Thanks :)


  • Clintm15
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    I really wish there was something I could tell you. Tax can be very awkward and it's all about the fiddly details. My only advice would be to practice questions as much as you can. If you learn the pro-forma calculations the details will get easier.

    Good luck :)
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  • CeeJaySix
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    Clarekaye, as Clint says there's no easy fix, there's a lot of different rules that simply need learning. For me I try to understand the logic behind each rule, that seems to help when it comes to remember it in a given situation. All I can say is try and approach each situation from the start, work through in a logical sequence concentrating in one part at a time without getting swamped by all the information given, and take your time. Concentrate on learning and practising one area until you've got it sorted, then move onto the next. Whilst it seems like there's a lot there, once it clicks you'll find it's not too bad.
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