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Hi everyone,

I am due to sit my excel spreadsheet exam next week, and I am panicking!!!

Are the tasks similar to the ones in the sample assessment for 2013 or are they different?

Also I have noticed that the 2010 Assessments were 2.30 hrs plus 15mins reading time, however when I went into a document on the AAT Website explaining the assessment it says that the time under the 2013 exam is no 2hrs plus 15mins reading time. Can anyone confirm what the time is for the 2013 exam?

I have to say the Osborne tutorial isn't up to much, it just explains the basics without going further in depth. I wish it spent less time mentioning about formating etc and spending more time explaining Conditional Formating, Advance formula exp IF etc, What-if and Pivot tables I feel that the last 2 tasks in the sample assessment are definitely more than just the basics explained in the tutorial.


  • Nie
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    The exam is 2 hours now (plus the 15 minutes reading time, I think).

    My exam was quite a bit different than the practice assessments. Not necessarily more difficult, just more complicated with some of the spreadsheets you were making. The scenarios were worded a bit differently as well, so take care to make sure you understand what they're asking you for. I don't know how important the visual layout of the spreadsheets are, but my biggest difficulty was probably figuring out how they wanted me to set them up.

    The actual exam asked me to use more of Excel's advanced functions than the practice exams, but at least the 5 questions as the end were loads simpler than some of the practices I'd done. (And don't forget that you can still make use of the Help function in Excel.) Good Luck with the exam
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    Hi fifegirl, I can't comment on the 2013 exam as I recently sat this under the 2010 syllabus but I just wanted to say that it's worth checking out the few e-learning modules on the aat website. I found them helpful as revision and they did improve my understanding of conditional formatting (IF etc). Best of luck with your exam!
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    Hi just to let you know I sat my SDST AQ2013 last night and it was 2.30 hrs long + 15mins reading time so I didn't panic as much
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    Semi-hot news. If you are sitting scenario 2 you have now been allocated an extra 30 minutes. After recent discussions the AAT are holding the line that scenario 1 and 2 are both Level 3 assessments but now recognise that some candidates may be unfairy pressurised for time in the second one ie people were not finishing all the tasks.
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