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Hi everyone,

I have my external auditing exam on Friday and so far I haven't passed any of the sample assessments. I don't really understand why. I've done all the green light tests and I'm in the green, I've done both tests on the osborne book website and got everything right and I've completed all practice questions in my text books.

When I complete the sample assessments before clicking finish I compare what I've done to the answers, and (not including the written work as I know it's not marked in the practice tests) I'm getting between 3-4 questions wrong. This may no be accurate but I give myself one mark per question answered and then work out the percentage in both sections and then overall. The test I've just completed I worked out that I would have got around 81% which I thought I should have passed with that but clicking finish it tells me that I didn't pass on that occasion.

I thought pass marks for AAT exams were 70%?

Can someone help, or is there someone who has done this examine recently who can advise?


  • Clarekaye
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    Most of the practice assessments have the answers you can print off too does this one? Then you can see where you may be going wrong?
  • Lucy_M
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    I would say that it's possibly (another) glitch with the practise assessments, I'm sure when I did one of the FNST ones it did the same thing, I think it's because of the written part not being mark-able. Our tutor gave us the marking guidelines for FNST and it wasn't quite that simple but if you're getting the Green lights right and most of the questions in the practise exams then I would try not to let it knock your confidence! Good luck x
  • topcat
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    Do you fill in the written answers? as the website will just be coded to look if the fields are filled in if they are you will get full marks regardless on the written part.. But if your leaving it blank it will make the sections as failed
  • Sam22
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    Clarekaye: I always check the answers with aat answers to see where I'm going wrong. Ah, maybe that's what was happening topcat, I did the last test and filled in the written parts and passed. I just assumed that they weren't looked at at all. I normally do the main bulk of the tests and the spend a couple of days working on the written tasks. Lucy M, there are so many glitches these days aren't there! I had an issue with the upload of my project the other week, where I uploaded it, came back a couple of weeks later wondering why I hadn't heard anything to see it showing that it was waiting for submission, went in to re-do it, to find it had been marked and the assessor had sent it back! Well thanks for all your help, not sure how the exam went, just 6 weeks to wait to find out. Onto Business Tax in the mean time.
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