Whoop Whoop

Passed my performances and budgeting exam..:thumbup: still waiting results for ISYS and business tax....hopefully I pass them too thought not too sure about the business one..:001_huh:
next in a line is financial statements then personal tax....I had a quick look at the statements exam and OMG there is so much to take in...any advice how to handle this exam, especially the written tasks would be appreciated? :blink::001_smile:


  • Lucy_M
    Lucy_M Registered Posts: 136 ? ? ?
    Well done!

    As for FNST, lots and lots of note stuck up everywhere...! I had notes on the ratios stuck all over the house and at work, and ndex cards with the main points of the IAS's on. The main advise my tutor gave was do not use the phrase 'has gone up' or 'gone down' always use improved or deteriorated or some suitable alternative. Good luck! xx
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