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Hi All,

For the students who are currently studying ITAX or have completed ITAX, how did or how are you finding it?..



  • BasiaBasia Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Hi, I have already passed it (few weeks ago). We had only 2 weeks to prepare for it. I found it pretty easy and straightforward. :001_smile:
  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Registered, AATQB Posts: 177
    Thanks Basia. I've been studying it now for 4 weeks and my exam is in a couple of weeks, it seems ok. Quite abit to remember with the advantages/disadvantages to the various VAT Schemes.
  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    Unless it's changed dramatically from the 2010 standards, it is by far the easiest exam on the syllabus. If you can fill in a simple VAT return, you're done. I was in and out in less than 10mins (literally), as was a girl I work with.

    That said, the content of the textbook is good, and whilst it seemed to go far further than required for the exam it's well worth knowing, as with many clients it's almost invariably wrong somewhere!

    With six weeks of study and assuming you've had no major problems to date, I would say you'll sail through it.
  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Registered, AATQB Posts: 177
    Hi CeeJaySix, many thanks for your reply :)

    Yup VAT Returns I am fine with, found that the quickest thing to pick up as had experience from work.

    10 Mins!? wow nice. Was it still 8 Tasks under AQ2010?

    Thanks very much!:001_smile:
  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    You'd have to have a look at the sample assessments, I honestly can't remember; I think it was several multiple-guess questions, with a simple VAT return at the end. They may have made it harder, but if you've got experience in returns I can't see you having any problems.

    Obviously I'm not recommending complacency and I wouldn't want you to under-prepare and fail - as I said the syllabus is valuable knowledge even if the exam isn't all that - but if you've got your head around the basics (which is far easier if you work in a related role, I can understand why those who don't may take longer to figure the subject out) in my experience it is a genuinely straightforward exam.
  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Registered, AATQB Posts: 177
    Thanks CeeJaySix. Done some sample assessments and its 7 Multiple Choice Questions (Including a VAT Return, and a short written task)

    Hoping my work with VAT returns will pay off on the day.
  • applesrisodaapplesrisoda Registered Posts: 1
    I'm struggle with historic turnover test
  • j1994j1994 Registered Posts: 106
    For me its the hardest exam ill be greatful if u have any tips its my 3rd time doing this
  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Registered, AATQB Posts: 177
    Hi J1994,

    I would say the best tip I can give is really practice the VAT 100 Return. If you can ace this you should be fine alongside the reference material provided in the exam.

    Have you done the Greenlight tests and Practice assessments on the AAT website? - I did these and they really boosted my confidence.

    Good luck & Smash it! :smile:
  • j1994j1994 Registered Posts: 106
    Hi thanks for the advice ive done the green lights and find them good .do u have any practice questions/papers u could send me please ?
  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Registered, AATQB Posts: 177
    I used the ones on the AAT website (AAT Practice Assessments).

    Are you studying through a college/distance learning college or self-studying at home?, If through a college they should have materials to send you.
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