ICAS - Assessment expired?

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I submitted my ICAS first draft on LearnPlus yesterday, the deadline was today. I logged in today and it's disappeared from the active list on the front page and I have to click completed assessments, and it now appears underneath the Level 2 and 3 modules from long ago, but the assessment status column says "Assessment expired", and the submission status column says "Submitted". It is supposed to say that? I've tried to contact my tutor, but I couldn't get hold of him today.

From what I've read on here it should say awaiting mark or something similar, right?


  • Lucy_M
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    I have submitted mine and it still shows in the current assessments as status 'available' and 'submitted'. Was that the absolute final date that yours had to be submitted by as on the right hand side under 'Assessments due soon' it states I have until 24/3/2014. I know that this is the very final date my final submission had to be in by, and my tutor has also told me that I have passed (subject to AAT confirmation). If I click on the assessment it takes me to the 'assessment' page, 'step 1 download the document' etc. When I scroll down that page, at the bottom under step 4 it states 'submitted' if I click that it takes me to another page that says 'submission (awaiting marking)'.

    Hope that helps a little... I'd still try to contact your tutor though to make sure.

    Good luck and best wishes

  • evilking
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    Thanks for replying.

    Yes, today is four months since the start. I was under the impression we had 4 months to make the first submission, then two additional months to make up to four more? I was never told the whole thing had to done and dusted in four months!
  • Lucy_M
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    I had 6 months, 4 and 2 like you say ..? I'm just early as I wanted to get it out of the way before FNST and FNPF. I do think you need to speak to your tutor, have you tried logging out and in as this website can be a tad odd sometimes?! Hope you get it sorted! x
  • coojee
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    You can get an extra 2 months but you have to have agreed it with your tutor first as they need to go in and amend the end date. It doesn't happen automatically. I don't know whether they're able to resurrect it now that it has expired. The 4 months is a deadline not a target.
  • Lucy_M
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    I spoke to my tutor at college today and he said it should be possible to still arrange the extra 2 months... xx
  • evilking
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    Sorry for the long delay in responding, thanks for the responses so far.

    Everything turned out fine, my submission was competent, so it didn't really matter. If anyone else is in the same position, the tutor has complete control and can do whatever is necessary to help you pass, so just be nice and don't freak out or worry like I did.

    Just waiting for verification now, so I guess it's time to look at CIMA...
  • Lucy_M
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    Congratulations! Glad it worked out ok x
  • Rachetman
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    Good on you, Evilking! Waiting on my ICAS project to see if it's good enough or not.
  • MissP
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    Lucy_M said:

    ... on the right hand side under 'Assessments due soon' it states I have until 24/3/2014...

    May I ask how to get to this section that tells you your deadline date and which assessments are due soon? I've logged into Secure Access and it only displays the materials needed for the project (mapping doc., company brief, etc.) and where I am to upload my report, there is nothing on the right hand side...

    I have been fretting over possibly having missed the 4-month deadline as I am unsure of the exact date my assessment was released. It's not even complete and I was wondering if I'd have to wait to be marked NYC (as a result of my missed deadline) and get another project released or if I should try to finish the current one and submit it anyway...
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