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Hi everyone! It will be 6 weeks on Wednesday since I sat Financial Performance and the wait for results is driving me crazy!!! Has anyone ever received their result son a weekend? Cheers!!! Claire


  • MWAUGH1983
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    Hey Claireshep2793, Was this jan 29th? I did FNPF on this date and im still waiting as well - I hae never has to wait the 6 weeks normally 5 weeks 2 days but I would expect mon or tuesday. I wont worry until a week friday as it gives them a chance to get it sorted. How was yours? I am un sure but wont be surprised if I fail it! :( Cheers Martin
  • scott060191
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    Hi, I have nearly always had to wait the full six weeks before I received my results. For the first exam I was checking daily to see if my result had been put online. I felt a bit silly for doing that because I received an email telling me my result had been posted online lol.
  • amyjayne27
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    Hi Claire, I have had to wait the full 6 weeks aswell. I found out I passed Financial Performance 6 weeks on the dot! Very annoying isnt it.
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