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Hi all,

I completed level three last week through self studying & have bought the necessary books to do the same for level four.

I was wondering what options I have available to me for completing the ICAS module. I have enjoyed being able to have full control over when to sit computer based assessments but am aware that this isn't the case for the project.

I contacted Kaplan today and was informed that the only way to have my project assessed would be to enrol on their online course. What (if any) are the alternatives to this which people know about for the new syllabus?

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Malcolm Green
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    Hi Liam,

    For the ICAS/ISYS project this unit has to be supported by a training provider/college..

    The reason for this is they will need to set the project task for you and will be the ones who assessor your project work.

    You will be able to do a work based project or one from a case study which can only be issued to you by a training provider/college.

    So you will need to enroll and pay a fee for this.

    They will also as part of this be providing support for the unit and a time line for you to work on for the completion of your project.

    I trust this information will be of assistance and all the best for the completion of your final level.

    Kind regards

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