Finally all the studying is starting to pay off

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After 100's of job applications over the last 6 months and one bad interview, I finally have been offered not one but two jobs.
I went for 2 job interviews last week and got offered both jobs. First one was 5 miles down the road from me on a permanent contract , second was 24 miles away but straight up a motorway and pay was £6000 more but on a temp to perm contract. I went for the second as I believe the company can offer me a lot more, although on a temp basis they said it will likely go to permanent basis after 2 months as long as I show im a good worker. All there employees had to start on a temp basis, plus the first job had a probation period of 6 months anyway.
I start Monday, can't wait. Did my last day as a plumber today.....


  • Lucy_M
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    Fantastic news, congratulations! :thumbup1:
  • SamiH
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    That's brilliant news, congratulations.
  • Jade Hunt
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    Congratulations Dan, hope it works out well for you :)
  • amurray
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    Congrats Dan, Good luck! :)
    Completed AAT in March 2020
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