After your exams do you remember anything?

Clarekaye Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 307
I pretty much aced level 3 and passed the ones of level 4 so far, its not been easy I study till late at night most nights, run a business with my dad so never finish early, have a social life and fit some excersise in too! But my question to you guys is if you cast your mind back to say level 3 or early level 4 do you remember much?! I remember little bits but if someone asked me a specific question I worry I wont get it right, is that bad?!


  • Diddy Mau
    Diddy Mau Well-Known Registered Posts: 238
    I used to struggle to remember the questions once I walked out the exam, never mind what answers I put down.
    It will be in there somewhere, you remember more, the more you use it day to day. However, if you find yourself referring to your notes, you soon realise it all comes back and you remember it.
    So don't panic :cool2:
  • topcat
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    I also struggle to remember anything after exams have gone , always have.

    Might retain certain bits but after 4-5 months of not doing it would need to completely look at everything again , it does annoy me wish I could just remember everything of the top of my head
  • James Patterson
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    Without looking back at anything I doubt I'd remember much. I think if I read over notes everything would click but you aren't the only one. The plan is always to revisit notes, but I never do and probably never will.
  • PGM
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    You probably remember more than you realise, as long as you can remember the basic rules, you at least know what you need to recap on.
  • Lucy_M
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    I doubted my recall until I started helping a friend with her husbands accounts, now I can see just how much more we actually know!

    I've always said I would do the Green light tests as a way of refreshing my memory of subjects, hasn't actually happened yet :001_tongue:
  • Clintm15
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    I find that for the most part I remember concepts and forget a lot of details.
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