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This is more of a general work question than AAT, but I’m sure there’s been lots of people on here that have been in similar positions.

I need some advice on approaching my boss/work for a pay rise – I’m currently on £17K PA and studying Level 3 of my AAT which work are putting me through but just paying for my exams as government funding covers all other fee’s.

I’m 23 and work as an Accounts Assistant for a medium-large firm of solicitors and have been here for 4.5 years now, over the last 12/18 months I have taken on more responsibility and contributed more and so feel that I deserve an increase in pay. I understand that they are helping me with my AAT course(s) however this ultimately will benefit themselves too – and they are putting the financial controller through CIMA and previously AAT so hope this doesn’t count against me.

Any advice good/bad welcome! J


  • Jade Hunt
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    Did you see the survey AAT did on the average salaries on AAT students/members based on which level they were and where in the country? You could have a look at that and see how your salary compares for an idea of whether you are under/overpaid (although i'm sure no one ever agrees they're overpaid!!). I would say your salary sounds fairly good, but again, it depends on the area you live.

    The only way I have ever approached that subject before was when I had finished a level, because essentially I was more qualified and like you, had taken on more responsibility so felt like I had a very valid point when I spoke with management. I ended up leaving my previous job because there were no prospects with regard to moving up and the money wasn't great, but ended up with a fantastic job and a 6k pay rise! To top it off I am so much happier here, have prospects and just in general feel like I made a great decision - even if I do miss everyone I used to work with!

    Hope it works out for you :)
  • benashley
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    Hi Jade,

    Thanks for the advice – had my appraisal this morning and was told that it is unlikely due to the firms pension contribution which starts shortly and government cuts in our sector.

    I don’t think I am on a bad salary although feel I still have a case for a small increase. I was told that when I am fully AAT qualified that If I am not automatically given an increase then my boss will be personally requesting one so that’s something to look forward to (and she hinted it would be fairly significant).

    I’ll keep plugging away and whilst they are paying my course fee’s I can’t really argue I suppose!
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