Recommended Timesheet Software programs

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Hi to all

I need some help and suggestions on software :thumbup1:

I have a client who currently use 200+ subcontractors but the subcontractors are paid through an umbrella payroll company.

My client currently uses a factoring company and software is provided when u log onto the factoring companies website to enable them to input the timesheets from the subcontractor that in turn will generate an invoice to my clients customer.

My client is taking all processes back in house and will no longer use the factoring company. Rather than setup a spreadsheet I am looking for a software program that will enable my client to enter timesheets for each worker and able to calclulate the pay (no deductions such as tax is needed as the payroll company will do this) and at the same time calculate what needs billing to the customer. The billing side needs to to imported into Sage 50 so the invoices can be generated and sent. Reports are also needed from the software so that my client can send over the workers gross pay to the umbrella payroll company. Reports would be required showing costs per project per customer, costs v billing, concentration of costs for each project etc etc.

I have downloaded a few trial programs but seem really complicated to use. User friendly software a must. Multiple users also a must and be able to read the data centrally.

Is anyone using any such software that maybe you would recommend or Any suggestions :001_smile::001_smile::001_smile:


  • burg
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    I'm afraid I cannot help with your specific requirements but Clearbooks does include a timesheet function that can be used for costing etc.

  • Honza
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    TallyPro is worth a look, you can actually invoice from the system and export to Sage if required. They are based in Sussex and are extremely helpful and will demo to you if required.
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