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Evening all,

Looking to pick a few brains - I'm just finalising my ICAS project (last step on the ladder), and looking at the recommendations for improvement in my case study. As always (it seems), one of the key weaknesses is a lack of integrated finance package. This is a company with 9-figure turnover in manufacturing, so Sage 50 isn't going to cut it. I'm looking for a package that can handle the following:

Normal accountancy functions
Payroll & HRM
Stock control including raw materials/WIP/finished goods split
Costing (absorption and marginal)
Budgeting & variance analysis
Automated authorisation hierarchy/tracking (to send documents through the authorisation chain, digital authorisation at each step, reconciliation between for example purchase invoice and goods received notes, etc).

I know companies of this size are out of the range of what most of us see regularly, but before I spend hours trawling the web I wondered if anyone knew of any suitable products? I know of Sage 200 and Access Dimensions which I will have to dig into to find out the detail, and I'm sure I've visited a client who uses FocalPoint for document management but from their website I can't see how that ties in with the authorisation process unless they had a bespoke product. I'm not after anyone to do my work for me, but a couple of packages I can research will save me a few wild goose chases.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.


  • Makkusu
    Makkusu Registered Posts: 94 ? ? ?
    Bespoke package, source a company that develops bespoke accountancy software. Lots to talk about there, would do me fine. :001_smile: ICAS is very subjective, provided you have an idea to discuss then you'll rack up the marks, it doesn't necessarily have to be the best choice.
  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645
    Cheers Makkusu, that's more or less the line I went down in the end, plenty of modular ERP suites that can be tailored to customer needs, plenty of discussion and cost/benefit so hopefully that's me done and dusted.
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