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OK, so I started a new job recently and been told that every 6 weeks, I and the manager are aupposed to write some sort of report on what we really think of each other and to be frank and honest. Not entirely comfortable with this - only just heard about it, nothing in the employee handbook/contract of employment or maybe I missed it. Tempted to decline - anybody else have to do this?


  • Lucy_M
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    That sounds bizarre, I've never come across anything like that! Who told you this? If it was the manager I'd be tempted to have a word above his head and double check, or ask co-workers. If it was co-workers I'd wonder if it was a wind up tbh..! Best of luck...
  • mac1
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    Thanks Lucy; I did work at one company where the staff were encouraged to write about one other member of staff, but I too haven't come across this before.

    The manager is a she by the way.
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