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Hi there, I am on the old syllabus and just got 2 more exams left, I was wondering if anyone had taken the FS aq2010 lately? what is it like? what do I need to really know?

Any help appreciated

Thanks :)


  • Claire1705
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    I am on the old syllabus and am booked in for FS next Friday. I've been studying for this exam for quite sometime but still don't feel very hopeful about passing as there is just so much to remember. I think the key things are:

    Statement of Comprehensive Income
    Statement of Financial Position
    Statement of Cash Flows
    Statement of Changes in Equity
    Performance, liquidity use of resources and financial position ratios and what they actually mean.
    IAS's - Some are now no longer assessed so its worth checking!
    Conceptual framework.

    Are you booked in for it yet?

  • nicola_hodgson20
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    Hi How did it go?
    I am really struggling to get passed the written questions have you got any advice or any websites which might help?


  • Haysah
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    Hi which written questions, if it is the ratios our tutor gave us a frame work to follow? Starting like this state what has happened with the ratio, has it improved or deteriorated, depends on what you are comparing it to, then state the reasons why, for example it has improved because the company expenses may have reduced relating it to the ratio you are looking at.

    We have been told it is good to try and link ratios together so where they effect each other state why and relate the changes. IAS and the bits relating to them I learning parrot fashion pretty boring but it worked for me so far. I hope so exam next week.
  • Clarekaye
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    I took mine recently, but I am sorry I cant remember what stuck out, I know the written ones are very important to try and answer. I play it safe and try and remember everything equally.
    I used the osborn books & the AAT practices. Good luck!
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