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Evening all, I've got 2 exams to finally finish my level 4, financial statements & business tax. I'm on the old 2010 syllabus and I know I've only got until December 2014 to pass these exams otherwise I know I'll be automatically transferred to the new 2013 syllabus and have to either do a new project or find someone who offers the transitional assessment. My question is has anyone opted to transfer now and take the transitional assessment? I'm not confident at passing financial statements by Christmas, I've failed it twice already :-( Thanks in advance


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    Hi I haven't heard of this assessment but I was wondering are you at a college or self studying? If at a college could you have a couple of F'S practice assessments and get a teacher to go through where you're going wrong? How do you find the practices on the aat site? Christmas is a long way away, you probably need some inspiration. X
  • Kitkat82
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    I'm self studying, was at college, had meningitis so had to stop studying :-( I'm hoping to pass before Christmas but financial statements worries me as it's such an intense subject. I've only seen one provider offer the transition assessment so wondered if anyone had done it x
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