Full Time Carer Into AAT Chapter 2

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Hi there everybody. I'm currently a full time carer for an elderly parent in South Devon and studying for my AAT, I have just completed Level 3 and previously made a thread discussing what might be next for me upon completion of the AAT qualification. With thanks to many posters on here I was advised to take up a voluntary position as a Treasurer for a local charity. (I finished university in 2010 and have basically needed to care full time as my relatives health has deteriorated, and with this being the case I have been unable to undertake any work since which has obviously put a gap in my CV with regards to appropriate employment history.)

It took me almost 7 months from application process to the eventual handover of the Treasurer role at the AGM last night! So I am about to embark on this Treasurer position whilst balancing my AAT Level 4 and caring. However I am wary that I only have one year left before I am essentially qualified (work experience permitting ofcourse..), and I was wondering if this would be considered enough with regards to what it is employers might be looking for out of their applicants.

I have just turned 25 years old and was hoping there might be more that I could be doing, or potentially be eligable to do now that I have this treasurer position on my CV? I just would like to be as proactive as possible in order to put myself in the best possible position. I assumed I would come on here as I'm sure many of you have been through the same things with regards to the application process after and during AAT studies.

Any help would be appreciated as I am really looking to make myself as desirable as possible!

All the best.
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