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Alicia Registered Posts: 40 Regular contributor ⭐
Is it just me or something I am doing but I have noticed that when people are posting on here they are not really receiving any comments or feedback on their topics. Previously when i used to ask for advice or start a new topic people would comment pretty quickly but they dont appear to lately. Maybe its my topic, who knows!! :blushing:


  • MarieNoelle
    MarieNoelle Registered, Moderator Posts: 1,368
    Definitely not you or your topics Alicia! Like many others I had deserted the new AAT forum as it didn't work as well as before (see other threads on the topic). I have started to use it again but a lot of people have just given up it seems....
  • peaman
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    I have also noticed that there seems to be a lot less posts on here recently. I think the situation is as MarieNoelle stated, the problems earlier this year seemed to have put a lot of people off and they haven't returned. I haven't been on the forums for over 3 months!

    I don't know if the removal of the 'thanks' button has also deterred some people, just like it did for Amazon when they stopped this with their 'Listmania'. I think some people liked receiving the thanks and it encouraged them to keep offering advice. It doesn't bother me, it is just nice to post queries to other MIPs for some advice now and again and the AAT forum is a friendlier place than the Accountingweb forum.

    Hopefully things will pick up!
  • Lucy_M
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    Hi, I've been off for a few months too as it was sooo quiet but I missed it as I like the way other MIP's and students interact on here and the FB page just isn't quite the same. Although I've already noticed some new technical glitches like the 'save/download' option bar that pops up each time I post but hey ho....
  • MarieNoelle
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    Let's hope the facelift will help the AAT forum get its Mojo back! How about a feature on this in the next AAT magazine to attract more users? I am sure some old forum members are not even aware of it?
  • Londina
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    I don't think people will come back here. The new layout is not great either and difficult to read, too much text all together
  • StuartW
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    Just thought I'd give a quick update on what we're doing to raise awareness of the forums:
    • We've acted on @MarieNoelle's suggestion and there will be a short article in the January Accounting Technician magazine
    • We're starting to link to more forum threads in email newsletters to the membership
    • We're also sharing links to relevant conversations on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
    • We're working on getting a dedicated area of the AAT website which will act as a 'showcase' of sorts for AAT's Online Community (including the forums), thereby bringing it to the attention of more members. This is probably a few months away, but we've got designers working on what this would look like already
    We're also going to review what people do/don't like about the forums and see whether we can change things in the new year. For example, I've seen it mentioned that the separation between users' comments & signatures is not as clear as it could be, so that's on the list of things to assess.

    Thanks to those of you who have spread the word to members, and I'd encourage all members to continue to contribute suggestions for improvements. After a difficult year I wouldn't expect everyone to flood back overnight, but with gradual, continuous effort we'll get there!


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